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Working Principle and Structural Analysis of CNC CNC Machine Tools

1、 Working Principles of CNC Machine Tools - Introduction

CNC, also known as numerical control machine tools, is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. It integrates machine tools, computers, motors, and technologies such as drag, automatic control, and detection. It can automatically process parts according to requirements without the need for manual operation. Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have multiple advantages such as high flexibility, precision, productivity, stability, reliability, automation, and adaptability. They are the development direction of modern machine tool control technology and a typical electromechanical integrated product.

2、 Working principle of CNC machine tools - Structure

CNC machine tools are mainly composed of processing program carriers, CNC devices, servo systems, machine tool bodies, and other auxiliary devices. Among them, the processing program carrier is mainly used for automation of operations, without the need for manual operation; The CNC device is the most core part of CNC machine tools, including three basic modules: input, processing, and output. It mainly uses a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system to achieve the functions of CNC in the form of software; The servo system is mainly used to receive instructions from CNC devices, and after power amplification and shaping processing, it is converted into linear or angular displacement movements of the machine tool's executing components; Machine tool body refers to the mechanical body of a CNC machine tool, used to complete various cutting operations.

3、 Working principle of CNC machine tools

To process a CNC machine tool, it is necessary to first compile the geometric data and process data of the workpiece into a CNC machining program according to the specified code and format, and input the machining program into the CNC system using appropriate methods. The CNC system processes data from the input machining program, outputs various information and instructions, and controls the orderly operation of various parts of the machine tool according to regulations. The operation of CNC machine tools is in the process of continuous calculation, output, feedback, and other control processes, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the relative position between the tool and the workpiece.

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