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Jiangsu Zhihe Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.


About Us

Company Profile

Jiangsu Zhihe Intelligent Equipment Co . Ltd . Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in r&d, design, production and manufacture of CNC machine tools and CNC machine tools.

Based on the production concept of The  European and American industries, the company integrates the production experience of several production enterprises for many years, absorbs the advanced scientific and technological achievements of domestic and foreign counterparts, and develops into a professional manufacturer with perfect production, assembly and processing center today.

The company's products are vertical processing center, high-speed processing center, high-speed drilling tapping machine, Longmen processing center, horizontal processing center and so on. Our main customers are precision mold manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, electronic communication industry, precision parts processing industry and aerospace industry, etc . The company has been striving to forge ahead, integrity management philosophy . With the most cost-effective products and perfect services, to provide customers with the best solutions, to create the greatest value for customers, enhance the competitiveness of customers' products.



Corporate culture

Business philosophy

  • Vision

    Liberate productivity and lead the manufacturing industry.

  • Mission

    Constantly create social value and give back to society, customers and employees.

  • Core values

    Integrity, pragmatism, lean, innovative, enterprising, and surpassing.

  • Core competitiveness

    Advanced technology research and development, strict quality control, and timely product delivery.